Suck on my cock bitch I'm shitting and farting
I'm pissing on void in the back of the office
I came out the closet with guns in my pocket
I'm putting you all in a pretty pink coffin Aye I suck a dick when I want to
Clean up his cum wit my tissue
Dick in his butt smell like doo-doo
I never came bitch my balls blueCodename: Kids Next Door yuh
Cumming in all these whores yuh
Slipping on semen on the floor yuh
Leaving her pussy sore yuhBro just be callin' my bluff uh
Dick his booty down, he swallow my stuff
Rubbin' on yo mans, I'm fucking him ROUGH
He on some freak shit, whip out the handcuffsSuck on my fat cock bitch
Cum up on your carpetWomen overrated
Me and Zoom we fadеdOh man, shot 'em off the map like it's Fortnitе
Hold tight, roll you like a gram you getting smoked right
Suck my pipe, ski mask like I'm Xan
Ski mask on my dyke
We gon' fight, boy put up them hands
Cuz yo pussy tightYo, I'm back
My fault I was getting some lap aye
Yo father came over, we had a sleep over
Stripped him of pants, whip it out, he a growerDickin' me down grip my pillow im fading
He a lil freak all about that degrading
Bootyhole tight after him, my shit gaping
Grabbin his ass hair I might as well braid itBooty booty booty booty rockin' round my world
This dick is so fire my toes stayin' curled
Gag on his shit, I damn nearly hurled
I'm all bout them dudes, im over these girlsStrokin' my shmeat, and I bust on his face
I'm fuckin him slow, I'm keeping my pace
His wife just came home, I'm givin' him space
We said "boys next door" but nah that's a casePoppin' a bean im bouta go breezy a hoe yuh
My cock is green cuz I done got sucked by the hulk yuh
I'm Mr. clean cuz I got no hair follicles
Suck on my weenis I'm bouta bust in ya nose yuh

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