[Verse 1]
"This is Axiom the 2nd reporting. Our ship is assigned to scan all your topographies for optimal sub-frequency response." [Build-Up]
"The planet temperature is 45.3 degrees centigrade. Atmospheric conditions are 27 percent oxygen and 3 billion percent plutonium form zero-six; the perfect conditions for heavy bass."[Drop]
"New biosphere detected."[Verse 2]
"Now approaching planet Kormsa. The planet's temperature is 208.9 degrees centigrade. The surface is covered in wild storms of phaser beams."[Build-Up]
"Now approaching"[Drop][Verse 3]
"Our splice project has malfunctioned. Calculating repair protocol. Preparing to land on next available celestial body. Gravitational conditions are of nothing I've seen before. Initiating bass shields."[Build-Up]
"Here we go!"[Drop]
"New biosphere detected."
[Outro (heavily glitched out)]
"Now approaching the event horizon. Our ion thrusters are no longer able to escape the gravitational field. Preparing to disappear."

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