Who the fuck want war? Fist raising you tryna settle the score
Fake brand you be flashing, look both ways, watch your back for my assassin
Hello baby ba boo, check the certificate, I'm trained in kung-fu
The bell has rung and you tardy, tryna match my style and you'll get there, hardly
My leftovers on a plate, we in the Garden of Eden and I'll con you like a snake
Talk back or hold your tongue, time's up, babydoll, I think you've had your fun
Tryna rock them heels, wobblin around and we laughing like seals
Book it back to the country, falling off a wall, can't fix your Humpty Dumpty
And I'm so burnt out, entertainment keeps coming as you sit there and pout
Cakeface bitches just flossin', yawning through it all and I'm pigtail tossin'
Deadline's over, you're late, back that ass up and I'll serve it on a plate
And girl, my patience is waining, stumbled over words, I'm just sick of explaining
Not with me when I'm vulnerable, add me like a charm and I can make your clique cultural
Laughing at your upturned nose, sit your ass down, pay attention to my prose
Wear your ego on your sleeve? Just your existence is my biggest pet peeve
I make you shake in your seat, throwin' up the white flag, make you admit defeat
Is this enough material? Faded from this world, hallucinate something ethereal
Taste this ditch, it's exquisite, addicted to this dosage, gotta have it, what is it?
The bottle of screams of a child, rodeo buck has got your bitch going wild This goes out to all you bitch ass Minkas
Mani sauc, Ashnikko!

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