[Intro: Sample]
And with the help, the help of almighty God
I know I can be strong
[Intro: Ras Kass]
Yeah, this is how to kill God
Yeah, this is how to kill God
Holocaust, Crusades, Zionism, Jihad[Verse 1: Ras Kass]
They call me iconoclastic
My head on the platter like John the Baptist
Blasphemous, heretic, Conceited Bastard
I just ask the questions the preacher can't answer

Like why Christians end prayers and say "Amen"
When that's the Egyptian Sun God, Amun-Ra
And got a sin to say? And ain't that pagan?
And ain't pagan, meanin' "Satan"?
And if Satan gave mankind liberation
His worship of acknowledge would tip all Revelations
Of free masons, this how to kill God
Holocaust, Crusades, Zionism, Jihad
Ras Kass, God body MC
18th Letter, Jay-Hova, God's Son, and me
My freestyles ain't free
Impossible like one divinity divided into three
Same people that rape and beat ya teach ya
Rabbits lay chocolate eggs on Easter
Mormons believe prophet Joe Smith
Say Christ appeared in America 1820 and shit

Said black people is cursed
Preach polygamy and told the white man to rule the Earth
Utah still racist as can be
So mothafuck Donny and Marie[Hook: Sample]
To make me stand alone
And with the help, the help of almighty God
I know, I know I can be strong[Verse 2: Ras Kass]
Give 'em religion with no proof
Crucify the facts, I doubt your truth
This is how to kill God
Get 10 commandments, break all 10 laws
Exodus, chapter 20, verse 3
Thou shalt have no other gods before me
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
But worship a white man on the cross, put your faith in it?
I'm not anti-Christ
Not anti-Islamic, anti-Semite
Razzy be like Neo in The Matrix

They made us slaves and changed our names
Now it's our lineage they tryin' to claim
But I am the same
Direct descendant of King David through the passion of Christ
Cause Mary Magdalene was really Jesus' wife

Original Hebrew, black Falasha Jew
Persecuted by the Romans, the chosen few
Illuminati stole it from the Egyptian mystery school
Started flippin' our tools
And perverted our math
Master masons learned who God is, given 'em gats
Addict 'em to crack
Poverty, miseducation
Plague, oh Lord, this is how to kill God
[Hook: Sample][Verse 3: Ras Kass]
Black skin, baby Moses was found in a boat
In a river by the pharaoh's daughter, must have been a black man
She raised him as her own son

How a black woman pass off a white child as her own one?
You search, it's all true, that's why I'm a cynic
Why should I believe in your God, He's schizophrenic
Three personalities
, give ya incest
Son his own father, never had sex with his mama

Catch Holy Ghost, CIA killed God
Center of every pentagram? It's a pentagon
Lost angel city, peep the plan
Tryna scan human beings like grocery cans
666 microchips in your hand

Navigation, your whip started the program
But Uncle Tom Bradley chipped our pets
Same satellites that track you with GPS
Did cats and dogs in the 1980s

Probably on the low, chippin' newborn babies
Niggas call me crazy? Crazy is spectators
Since my soul's at stake, I'ma collect data
If I'm goin' to Hell, you express elevator
Christmas, you celebrate a pagan holiday
Mithra, Adonis, Dionysus, Osiris
Same birthday, who rose on the third day
[Hook: Sample][Outro]
Yeah, this is how to kill God
Holocaust, Crusades, Zionism, Jihad
Yeah, this is how to kill God
Racism, sexism, every ism is a schism

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