Yuh yuh yuh
Paintin’ pictures
A hoodie and some slides
Summer of my life
I’d make another dime if I push through twice
A million other rappers, but none with my life
A million different problems, none too big for Christ
Can’t help to pain a picture, my daddy was an artist
He made me different, barely listened, sayin’ where I started
An artist never starvin’, perception in genre
The only thing these people need is freedom through the Father
But I’m just a product of OutKast and Hillsong
Every single record Bellion ever put his hands on
Stand strong or don’t stand, don’t even fake bruh
If Yahweh called right now would you pick up?
Goodie two shoes, you never guilty, huh?
I hope that you don’t measure with your feelin’s, bruh
Never did I ever
Have a real vendetta
Told y’all that I’m paintin’ pictures, hope they last forever
Like a Drake song, but this a Cole beat
Now I think about what I learned from Kobe, dang
Life is not forever, careful how you measure
And if I have a daughter, she gon’ be my favorite treasure
I land that bar so intentionally
Big Sean, Lil Wayne, this thing can get deep
I paved my lane with audisea
Zoom call with role models sayin build your own dreams
So I built my own dreams, yeah
And did it all for the Kingdom
Coop, what you got bro? It’s Coop
All things work together that’s what Momma said
Gotta hold on, what my partner said
Lock it in
God don’t make mistakes, He make promises
Problem is
We can’t see beyond our own accomplishments
I won’t live in your box
Even my flaws are finger painted in the image of God
This is His incomprehensible pivotal plot
Pablo to pencil my part
In His eternity art
What if what I thought I had planned for my life is not what Heaven designed?
When I lack gold, that’s the treasure I find
Our bodies may be broken, but they just a vapor in time
If you not the one who put the waves in the tide, then I’m gon’ wave you goodbye
Look, cause ain’t nobody like you
Somehow we spite you
I don’t take no L’s, the only L that I take is that El in your title
That’s El Shaddai
Kill my selfish pride
And my body, take my spirit, all else can die
If all things work together, that includes me
So choose me
Renew me
And then use me

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