(Bridge) Hunter
If A-T and Tribe all got along
They'd probably roast each other down by the end of this song
Seem like the whole town go against them
Everytime Im in the streets I hear YACHT YACHT YACHT(Hook) Max
Tribe down, where you at, ninja?
Fuck what you say, where you at my ninja?
Where the smoke stay, huh, my ninja?
This is diTch city, you run, my ninja(Verse 1) Sam
Brace yourself, Ill take you on a trip down memory lane
This is not a rap how on your ditching crap or how we flame
This is cul-de-sac and plenty petty acts and major pain
Those were some good days but of course they had to fade
Just like what happened to some of your grades
Guess I had to go and contradict myself, aye
Not the drill segeant, but the stress that weigh on your brain
It was me, Ryan, Billy, Rob, we ride down Emerson lane
It was nice, waving your hand out the window, check yourself, uh
Up In Smoke and Friday, hope your smoke can be acceptable
With society, the driver seat the first one to get blazed
Seen a italian-skinned ninja with his bong blown out
At the same gas station where *beep* hang out
Now this is not a tape recorder saying that you do it
But ever since that day, I was looking at him different
That was back when I was 15, finny packed the spliff, he
Blew on ryans porch, which is fine, they adapt to crime
Pack a van with three tribe memebers at a time, with the sliding door
Fuck is up?
Fuck you ditching for if you ain't smokin up, you fucking punk?
Picking up the fucking blunt, picking off you sneakers
You gettin real high so somethings up, a wall of smoke coming from
28, grams, what the fuck is up?
That what we said when you left us instead of lunch
Aw man, goddamn, all hell broke lose
You made us create Anti-Tribe, fuck your truce
Now you crawl your head up into your room, now yo' getting super rude
Ain't no peace treaty, just Anti-Tribe not approving you
Ditches on top of Ditches, blunts on top of blunts
Obviously you guys are starting to become into some real cunts
When you hop on that trolley, make sure that you dont forget
Make sure youre all kosher, or you guys will all have to regret
They say the governor collect, all of our taxes except
When we in traffic and tragic happens, that shit ain't no threat
You moving backwards if you suggest that you sleep with that rep
DiTch city
(Hook) Max
Tribe down, where you at, ninja?
Fuck what you say, where you at my ninja?
Where the smoke stay, huh, my ninja?
This diTch city, you run, my ninja-Part 2-(Intro / Lost) Will
Wake your punk ass up! It ain't nothing but a Meadow thang
G-yeah. Real simple and plain, Imma teach you some leassons
About the street. It ain't nothing but a Meadow thang, G-yeah
How we do(Verse 2 / Never Finished) Hunter
Fresh outta school cause you was sophmore grad
Sleeping in Sams den creating diTch city was the lad
Reality struck, I seen you leaving us
Hit the lights bro, three ninjas hopped out on foot and dashed
You needed a job, to keep your addiction
Life gaurd for 3 months, and ended up feedin
In fact, we got tired
Then we were inspired
By all of your old friends
To create a 20 song diss track, roasting all of you in
Project tores up
Bars being made up
While you smoke marichunana
And they wonder why i dont smoke now
Imagine if you started foaming at the mouth
You would be tweakin
The next weekend
You left us
I made allegiance
That made a promise to see us roasting
You know the reasons
But still didn't even wife
The Tribe, AKA "Meadows group sacrifice"
(Interlude / Lost) Will
G-yeah, ditchin, weed
People been ditching for that shit before summer
You think you get away with it, but it really flip
Why they lookin up and down the block and shit?
They sus as fuck and shit. Block a man in. Lexington
Emerson, Bliss, its Meadow(Verse 3) Adam
Im still in Longmeadow, smoke, yeah thats cool (Sarcasm)
The smoke took you under, dont follow the rules
But yeah thats like you, you think you in the hood where they bang
And you keep on ditching for the same thing
Pass it to the left so you can smoke on you
Couple weekends, haven't been here latley
And a couple of lies to the anti tribe
Blunts over there and everybody ran
Tribe, were gonna slay, the roast life i crave
Roasts hit the tribe, self esteem turn gray
Mount up, hop into the whip
Down the Emerson, you can't get a grip
Trip, we in Longmeadow still
So loat, hit the pedal cause yeah, its so real
Deal with the outcome, wheel in our hand
And a porch with 10 grams where a mothafucka stand
(Verse 4) Hunter
If I told someone that you ditched at 16, would they believe me?
Or see me to be innocent Hunter you seen in the street
With a bike, and some now and laters to eat
Yom kippur keep me a skeleton, would you jump in the sea?
Would you say my intelligence now is great relief
And now is it safe to say that the Anti Tribe can go to sleep?
With dreams of being a gunner or roaster, instead of boy with a
That used to hold cul-de-sac, fuck 'em if they all gossip
The tribe with the weed, they criminizing
They have given us enough lies, it drowns us with toxins
Constantly smoking for high, hit the roast then watch this flame
That arrive in his eye, listen coward, the concept is aim
And they roll it then they smoke it, and leave us behind
A price on their head, probabaly can't even do a group project
I like inside the belly of the rough
Meadow, USA. Did It to Teach you to Choose not to Huff(Scratches / Lost) Dom
DiTch city
Meadow(Skit / Lost) Dom -Max-
Ninja, pass the blunt to the left, damn! You ain't the one that got
Fucked up, what you holding it for? Ninjas always acting unsensitive
And shit
-Ninja, that ain't no word-
Ninja shut up! Hey, Finn, you good, my ninja? Dont even trip, just lay
Back and smoke that

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