Dry Persimmon lyrics

Living like faulty guy
No one tastes you a few
Make just one little bite but no one
Wanna come closer to you {Verse}
On the way to sunny beach
You're always ready for what will be
While everybody playing ball
You're sitting in the shadowBoys and girls around
They're happy with the sunshine
No one wish to call
The dude that crying on moonlight
Everything around is ground and you're the air
Everyone is berries and you're persimmon{Chorus}
Living like faulty guy
No one know that delight
Makе just one little bite but no onе
Wanna come closer to you{Chorus}
Living like faulty guy
There you are, here we go
All we fruits really and finally
Everyone tasting dried persimmonStay with us faulty guys
Here we are, here we go
Make just one little bite and everyone
Know that dry persimmon

AnSai – Dry Persimmon

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