Tic Tac Ho (Shook Ones II Remix)

Andy B-B



[Verse 1]
I told y'all this skill is in my genes like denim
Poison spit killin' 'em I'm a snake with this venom
D-N-A rap shit flip it around add the Y
Chromosome because I'm the man, girlfriend, AIIII
You know what?...I'm a product of my environment
Forcing all these Weak Skillz into early retirement
Killing my competition put the fun back in funerals
But I'm vegetarian so don't serve up no sushi rolls
First white rapper...without an "M" in his name
But I'm murdering the game just the same, it's a shame
Your lyrics couldn't even beat Waka Flacka Flame
You've got imaginary bitches like Teo from the Dame
I guess you got the wrong number, I'm Supah Hot Fire
Running on fumes, you are, toy-yoda with a flat tire
Watching 8 mile, Detroit, shit got me feeling inspired
Cause this flow got 'em bankrupt, should I go back to the wire?
Cause I was told that's the only show that white people watch
"oh, no don't mention race Andy," go back to holding your crotch
Because these days everyone is all about being P.C
Get with the program...I run my mouth with a Mac, UC?
L.A... that's where I'm heading next
Breaking up with these soft bitches over text
My ego made my head too big, they say I'm a T-Rex
I'm dropping a bomb on this show, like Saddam or Flex
Next-time I'll fire past you like electronic waves
Shaking the ground like I'm made of tectonic plates
I'm so…Irate, this shit takes the cake, cake, cake, cake
I'm shaken and baking like Walt Clyde when I make
A basket a tisk or tasket, or maybe drink from a flask 'nd
Crash your car into a tree like Jason...are you kiddin' (me)?
I guess I should've planned ahead and gotten Geico
Cause I'm so full of myself I think I need lipo
I'm Hurricane Sandy without the S but no typo
Cause I'll kill you in the shower like "American psycho"
Kick you off this dick like a bouncer on the kitchen counter
Cause you act like a clown and you ignant like an out-of-towner
The chick in the next song...called me a traitor
But I don't really give a fuck cause she's just a hater
Growing up...I used to play tic-tac-toe
Now instead of X's and O's, I cross exes and hoes! I'm out

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