Pale constructor
The towers you had raised
Spires to the skies
Vaults for adoration Wordless communicator
Speaking without tongue
Dialogues with the stars
Whisperings in silenceCircular constrictor
Trapped in your recurrence of times
Captured on this constant journey
Gates to doors behind doors
Faceless conductor
No face behind your mask
Expression dressed in shadows
Unadorned this vessel to steerSeamless forgiver
Your compassion knows no bounds
Stripped of earthly possessions
Abundance traded for absolutionSkinlеss forbidder
Prostration caused by fear of harm
Free will bеnt to your legislation
No aptitude for flamesPale constructor
Wordless communicator
Circular constrictor
Faceless conductorPale constructor
Wordless communicator
Seamless forgiver
Skinless forbidder

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