[Verse: Anarky]
I'm willing to ride for the clique
I done died for this shit
Came back to life for this shit
Get the money now and go out and buy a Bunch of shit
Got dollars and fashion sense for me to try on a fit, aye
Like prices getting lower cause you in bad business
Bad rappers with wack image already attached in it
Y'all stay hanging in the back like a bad skillet (or mullet)
See the future like 9 eye lives: That's cats vision (uh-huh)
They said I didn't write my shit you got the wrong artist
Catch an elbow to the head like I'm Ron artest (bucket)
Don't think you at the level yet to call out the best
I recorded hundreds of songs they just not out yet
Everybody getting nosy like an elephant
Maybe if I drop some shit then it'll sell a bit
I am the ruler and count the measurement
One thing for sure I'm still in my element
Got this shit on lock, in my blood and dna
Take the lesson be humble
And proud not afraid
Shoot a 3 like Kobe, loyalty how it's supposed to be
Y'all falling off a spot like the head of ginobli
That’s bald, I'm balling, I balled for a year
Winter's: Grind time, Summer for the show
I’ll come out of hibernation, different: how I appear
Hot like the summer, but cold like some snow
[Hook: Anarky]
If you don't really fuck with the kid I then you need to do some testing
If you gonna send shots at the kid, better throw that shit directly
I pull up, kill shit, dip out, leave the scene messy
I just wonder when I'm making it, well... [Outro:]
I’m out
How i’m selling bars

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