[Intro: AMUN RA]
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah [Verse 1: AMUN RA]
Once upon a midnight
Weak and weary
Suffocating in my own thoughts
Really couldn't breathe
Death of a nigga uncle
Was breaking news
Between love and loss
Tell me which one do you choose?(choose nigga)
When you lose what you love
And you didn't really choose
Between love and war
Tell me which one do you choose?
When you fighting just to keep
The ones you love?
Tell me what to do? when Rastaman give up(rastaman gave up)
Trodding through creation in this Irie
Couple of oceans roam around me, I was sinking(I was sinking nigga)
Whole world heavy on my shoulder, I was sinking
Bottle in my palm really couldn't stop drinking
Broke shit down, Seeing Green, I wasn't thinking
Fucking gold flowers on my brainstem
Reminiscing(uh)[Verse 2: AMUN RA]
All my homies deep in the water
We do not float
Drowning in they own tears(own tears yeah)
I told em' stay afloat(yeah yeah)
Yeah they pulled up numbers but
I got 5 pistons, not 5 pistols
Cold finger, cold game
Cold fingers, new rings
5 fingers, poll game
1 finger on the trigger
When I pull it, insane(pull it insane)
Pull with it my mind
Prolly break a noise gate(uh)
Glance into my eyes
Prolly break an long scream
Taste a piece of mind
Surely leave your peace grim
Ghost upon the floors
But a nigga got owl eyes(owl eyes nigga)
That's a vague story for my Hippocampus(aye)[Post Chorus: AMUN RA]
Had to cross borders,180
Looked deep around myself
Then I found it
Had to cross borders,180(360 now, it's 360)
Looked deep within myself
Then I found it
And I found it[Chorus: Aeno Glen]
Look how I jump on the track
Wait, check, I need the ice on my neck
Nigga I rap, not just for money
Not even [?]
Allow me to rap, for the whole world
Allow me to rap, for the whole world
Allow me to rap[Verse 3: Aeno Glen]
Yeah don't just compare me to any Jack and Joe
Although, you don't even know what I've been rapping for
Bitches, know there's a lot of hoes who be digging, cold
Nigga I've been told to make money, flow
All these bitches really chasing
Nigga i don't know, so I keep it low
Sticking to The Code
Yeah I'm tryna work it hard, I've been doing shows[Verse 4: AMUN RA]
She just wanna Party, word Jack Parow
Nigga really been in sunny days
But feeling cold
Standing tall in woods and I give these niggas pole
Y'all can name the price but I'll never sell my soul
Bullet hit my soul really left a nigga cold
Straight from the bone
Straight from the bone


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