[Intro: Son Little Sample]
With a club in one hand & a pistol in the other [Verse:AMUN RA & Mach-Guit, Son Little 'never give up' Sample]
My granny on the 4th quarter
Having nightmares of the death of family
But I could never cry, gotta stay on my feet
But what the fuck are you to do
When Picasso Rembrandting?
Me and Comz share a joint
Man he is my brother
Man he is a part of me
Thankful that a nigga grew up
Under his wing
'Member he was telling me stories bout how he learnt to swim
Thankful that I am on Weed
Some niggas dying, some niggas on the Ketamine
All of my niggas had strive
It ain't been what it been
Used ride bikes wit some niggas by they ain't make
I was Polo G whеn they told me Rap Star
Used to ridе bikes wit some niggas
But God took em'
They see the diamonds damn
But do not comprehend the work
Really I'm drowning my granny told me go to church
To make my dreams true
Had go thru the nightmares
To make my dreams true
Had to course thru nightmares
Never will I give up
Homie you can't understand
They tried to take my art
That's like a pistol to my heart
I act good when I see horrors in hood
'coz it ain't no child's play
Blood Spilt in the hood
Like milk in the hood
But less white hood
I paid for all my sins down in the fucking hood
Down in Section 2, man I wish a nigga a would
Black sheep still in the cut
Walking now, but was really in a bubble
Bubble and skally when I travel never fumble
Back in 17', don't wanna say it
It's nightmares
Back in 17', don't wanna say it
It's nightmares
I was toe to toe wit a bear
No fucking arsenal I really went bare
Bare in the fire
My nose getting dryer
The smoke getting tighter
My lungs getting dryer[Interlude: AMUN RA & Mach-Guit,Son Little 'never give up' Sample]
& I never give
Never give
Never give
Never will I give up
Never give
Never give
& I never
No no
I was toe to toe wit a bear
No fucking arsenal I really went bar


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