He's got hair, without a kink in it
Flashing eye, and what a wink in it!
Si, South American Joe And when he twirls that dark mustachio
You will see a real pistachio (?)
Si, South American JoeSweet senoritas come out every night on their balcony
Mama's asleep in the patio
Here comes Joe!He's good looking and magnific-o
As a lover, terrific-o
Si, South American JoeLook out for your wife
Look out for your girl
Look out for your watch, look out for your rings, whenever he singsMust you go Uruguay?
Must I go Paraguay?
Thence(?) we'll meet again
I'll love you soLook out for your wife
Look out for your girl
Look out for that guy, look out for his eye, Aye aye aye-aye-ayeHе knows tricks of all variety
And he can mix in high society
Si, South Amеrican JoeAnd every home he puts a sandal in
He makes the lady play her mandolin
Si South American JoeHe's got a brother, believe-a me in Bolivia
And he's got another in Equador
Spanish for IsadoreThere's a price upon his head-io
Women want him, but not dead-io
Si, South American JoeThat's Joe, That's Joe!

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