Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Shits too strong, bottles of Patron
Can't go wrong when I'm mobbin' with the bro, never stop
Shit's going nice, fuck with Jenny from the Block
She love ice so I get a couple rocks
We go twice, let em get it when I get it, never stop, I'm sayin'
Playing for a piece, no shot, I'm sayin'
Need it all mine, let me cop, I'm sayin'Let me tell you, now I been in ways that got me into space
The time I fly jiggy, a lot of miles away
The slime to fly sticky, the block ride with me
Got heads on the [? 0:47] with Ralph Lauren haze
The cap don't wrong with me and got lots of space
For none of that shit, no, yeah
None of that shit, noGot me in the city, finna rest a big one
IPhone ring in the back, dont' pick up
Bae, flex on 'em with a snap, we get some
Shawty let me hit her from the back, her shit blown (Yeah)
Fuck with it, this song litty
Know that I'ma fill it to the brim, no fitted
Smoke another hit and yet I'm still gonna hit it
Yeah, I'm still going with it, oh, no
Yeah, uh, I can't front no more
I'm too sulky, can't call no more

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