In the middle of the club with my shirt off
Screamin' I don't give a fuck
Yeah I'm about to take her home
Po-pop another bean just to keep me rollin'
I ink my whole body
Yeah, yeah, I'm on it
It's all in my tattoos (yeah, yeah, yeah)
It's all in my tattoos (yeah, yeah, yeah)
It's all yeah... [Verse 1]
Oooh, she dancin' like she fuckin'
She nasty when she suckin'
Go crazy when she touchin', ooooh
Too many tattoos, too many gats
Too many stacks my nigga, too many racks
In the middle of the club with my shirt off
Showing off my tats, showing off my diamonds nigga
Showing out my racks
Lil mama she jazz, she tatted, that ass fat
And she working diamonds, so everyday making stacks
When she walk you can hear that she balling
Hood clean, wet pussy, fire head
Every nigga in the club wanna [?]
All them tatts on the ass, she will break bread
Lil model, lil drank might take on
6 12's in the trunk I'mma knock on
I inked my whole body, you know that my shirt off[Hook][Verse 2]
Oooh, she know she bad, she got the badest ass
Theres a lot of cash, it's going too fast
Blowing this money on this too fast
I'm only 19 I'm thinkin' wedding ring
In the club I'm drunk on anything
On 2 mollies on everything
I'm in the back with a bad bitch
And her best friend a porn star and we goin' hard
And her tattoo say that [?]
They kissing, rolling too hard
It's a lot of drinks, a lot of weed
A lot of raps, a lot of G's
Came in the club we 100 deep
[?] they ain't checkin' me
Fifty grand blinkin' on both arms
Got my black rose on [?]
You can buck if you want to
Red dot, you get faded like a tattoo
Shirt off in the club with all my ink showing
You can't do it like we do pussy nigga[Hook]

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