If you my nigga you my nigga
Somebody grab that swisher
Burn ya ass won’t miss ya
Somebody grab dat tissue
Who want it (whoot)
Somebody come get an issue
Them fuck niggas, they hatin on me
They all wishing and sneak dissing
I’m swishing, I’m swishing
I tell them count it up don’t rack it up
I don’t give a fuck, come press your luck
I’m swishin’
Now it’s that fourth quarter
Gotta cross the border
Come place your order
My nigga, I’m swishin’ Verse 1
Switching lanes, paper planes
I’m high as fuck doing the whole thang
Got 30 rounds on the seat
Cuz the streets in the A they ain’t the same

Gotta whole pint of these activists
And I’m damn near sleepin’ in traffic
I’m in a old school, but it’s brand new
I’m killing these niggas in traffic oooooh
These 26’s my hood winnin
We getting it
Niggas wanna brag about what they spending
Chump change nigga, to me they pennies
Big boy kush, big boy wheels, big boy crib, and a big boy watch
All my niggas got a strap in da club
Throwin’ all dis money
These hoes gone jock
You know we switchin’ up on these dog bitches
Swishin’ on these fuck niggas
Fourth quarter on three quarter
I’m bout to ball on these fuck niggas
I’m a game hunter
Yo girl hitter
I’m swishin’
Get money nigga
We swishin’
Stop hatin nigga!(Hook)Verse 2
Game spitta gold grill
Ice pinky chrome rims
Chevy dunk on 28s
I’ma swerve dis bitch through summer hill
30 bands for the wrist
28 for da fish
Parking lot nothing but thick bitches
Makin dat ass twist
You my nigga then you my nigga
You my round then you my round
You my thug then you my thug
When it all go down we all gone ride
Ain’t no room left for these weirdos
Really ain’t like diablos
Quarter pound we swishin’
On ? like optimos
I’m on the west coast for the good shit
You know they got the best
Whole pound can't compress
Rollin 2 grams nothing less
I’m swishin’ I’m swishin’
? in the kitchen
I’m whippin’ I’m whipping
Fourth quarter I’m swishin’ yeah!(Hook)

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