[Intro: Kief]
They don't know nothing man (x2) [Verse 1: Alley Boy]
Big banks what they know about it
Hundred bands what they know about it
Audemars on my left arm
40 bands what you know about it?
Still flipping shit
Still sipping shit
Still shipping shit, getting money
Pop a band at these broke niggas
Dusty fucks look too funny
We at Magic City, we done killed Onyx
Half an ounce I'm too blunted
These niggas throwing their rent money
I'm stacked up with that lick money
Smack money, Coke money
Dope money, Weed money
Lean money...
Nigga what ya'll know about it?
I'm getting money nigga![Hook: Kief]
Tell me what they know about...
Fish tail, parking lot
Rims shine, dark or not
This DTE we run the spot
What they know about...
Filla, molly
Mayson Ave, codeine
We sipping on that chlorine
Tell me what they know about...
All black, everything
Diamond watch, diamond chain
Price tag? Murder scene
Tell me what they know about...
Eastside, I reside
Might roll up, two raw
Ask your bitch, I'm Zone 6
[Verse 2: Alley Boy]
Molly world fuck an X-pill
FSC we too trill
Edgewood, Mayson Ave, Mechanicsville, Thomasville
I was born in the A
Raised in the A
Robbed in the A
Trapped in the A
Duct Tape, what you know about it?
This the new face, this the real A
These are real diamonds, real blinding
Real getting it, real star
Free my niggas behind bars
When they get home, buy em new cars
Bet they know about me, heard about
Scheme about me, dream about me
Talk about me, wanna be me...
Piss ass niggas wanna be me![Hook: Kief][Verse 3: Kief]
I'm yelling "fuck them other niggas" cos I'm down for my niggas
I say "fuck them other niggas" cos I'm down for my niggas
Bitch you don't know naan nigga
Cashing out, doing the shit that I do
Run through your whole lil crew
Pay for it if I have to (x2)
[Hook: Kief]

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