Aleyes, that local alien, moguls praising him
Homosapiens, bow down to glowing radiance
Loud mouths and craziness, crowds shout in stadiums
Cause rhymes so sweet that they plow down your pancreas
Round house the atheist claiming I don't exist
Young rap god yo, medications you won't prescript
To the average ear, nigga I'll smack a queer
So quick that his plastic peers won't have a simple minute to grab a beer
What happened here? It's a bloody lyrical crime scene
Such a pitiful plight; he suffered syllable striking
Typing with the sum of wisdom in biblical writings
What equivocal tidings, I'm a criminal right? Please
It ain't against the law to murder these rhymes
Verbally prime while you niggas spittin' nursery rhymes
Perfectly timed, kickin' the syllables up at the turn of an eye
Never set a battle date and then you will surely be fine
Because the force in this kid's strong, ignores dissonance
And it be as persistent as door to door witnessin'
Export lyrics like corps deport immigrants
And you know I stay gettin' off like I'm George Zimmerman
Like torn ligaments, rippin' up on the track, I be smashing writtens
Of rapping fanatics that you're mimickin'

A born lyricist, sick enough to attack your lymphatic system
And jam it by packing in more cinnamon

I form sentences worthy of repetition
A demolition of wordings, the dirtiest epidemic
You beg a nigga for mercy, but mercy is never given
Surpassing the averages without learning the definition ....... bars

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