Now I wanna fuckin end it all
My momma won't even get a call
They just prayin for my downfall
But now Im going awol
Ill just jump right off that building there
Nobody would fucking care
They just wanna see me dead now
But thats some shit i can't allow
She broke my heart somehow
Baby please i miss your voice
We broke up but not by choice
God took you away from me
I just wannabe
Close to you
Time If i could go back in time
To that night
I'd kiss you one more time
But now in the night time
All i see is you
With your lips blue
With that noose
Around your neck
Now Im a wreck
Give me a sec
God damn you left
Me a complete wreck
But I cannot blame you
Its not your fault though i miss you
All of the time i think of you
Wish i could go back in time
To save you but I can not
So i guess now
Ill just be down
In my feelings

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