Daymian Dabb lyrics

Verse 1:
Damian came to play
Got a dabb for the spray
Working with the means
Fuck around and get seemed
I ain't even stressing
Whatchu dressing
Keep it clean
Why you messing
With the flexing?
Like you fucking with machines
It’s a lesson
When Im cressing
Nothing but a blessing
The fuck you think you testing?
Get the stepping!
I ain't in the mood
The fuck you trying to prove?
Grow in a different space
Get your ass out my face
I got a dollar and a dream
And your ass will get creamed
Trying to compete
Bitch you must be on that lеan
Get a taste
Know your place
Keep thе pace
On the scene
This ain't a race!
Fuck the chase
When I beem
To another state
And that’s as fresh as Imma be
To an unrelate
Manifesting all my dreams
Got that murder on my mind?
That's my kind of demon time!
Got my eyes flaring
Manic on the rise!
Don't be daring
That's not gonna connect
Don't need those kind of regrets
I got too much respect
My character, I'd neglect
To be having a parade
With you're body
As my confeddi
I'll just your ass in the fucking shade

Yeah, its time to die
I hope you said your Goodbyes
It’s time to go
The vibe? You already known

Yo! Uh, lemme tell y’all something real quick, man
Y'all ain’t never hear a singer like this
Get on a track and start ripping y'all rappers up, man
I'mma be completely honest with you
It's unprecedented
Aye yo, Jay!
I hope these motherfuckers got they passports
Or they little booklets or whatever they need
To get to the next level
Cause they dead
Real shit!

Post Hook:
Bitch, I’d splatter you
Take this spare
Im deading you!
Damion want play!
Give me 5
On the back hand side
Like Im the Queen
Feel the word, feel the sting!
I got a dollar and some steam!

Verse 2:
I wanna beam like a light
And let you feel me
Work like a signal
As I disperse with all this energy
Burst into flames like a Phoenix
And submerge endlessly
So gracefully
With fire
New coat, New attire
Is from a new soak
You choke
Cause I'm glistened with smoke
I'm tired of these used cloaks
Where's my designs?
Devil's son showed up
And Prada ain't his name
Off all you death cups!
A bomb. He remains the same
His name is Daymian Dabb
Not no fucking Damian Dame!
Can even a Dame Dash
Come reach my ass?
Well I'm insane
Yet exalted
And I'll leave you haulted
In the zone, still like you was malted
Struggling like it ain't often
Like "How dare you? I'm insulted?"
Don't come at with that shit!
Like your wig was split!
Get a grip!
Not even a drip
From your blood lost
Couldn't even cough
Cause your body went soft
There goes your energy loft
What? What?
Can't lose what you don't have
When the bomb goes off

Rise like a pheonix

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