Rap stack, spectacular, with the venacular
Stealth from a killing spree, they call be Blacula
Step back, get ya neck fractured by the rapture
Get choked out to the beat, by the manufucturer
And I ain't here to laugh at ya, I'm just here to mash
Like potatoes, flush ya fucking flow down the drain yo
Let's get it on, let's get it gully, get it ugly
East New York nigga, we get it muddy, feel this
I'm hittin' with sound, with the sound of a tre pound
That knock niggas down, then run clowns outta town
My malls taller than skyscrapers, you catchin' the vapors
You only got a pair of jacks, I got a pair of aces
As a matter of fact, I left a pool of bb's on ya girl's face, kid
Slap the taste out ya mouth, from the Boogie Down
To the southern most tempted down south
There's six million ways to kill a pussy, wanna count? [Hook 2X: Afu-Ra]
I never fake no moves, I just my thing
(Do my thing, now watch me, do my thing, now)[Afu-Ra]
When I step up in the studio, rollin' dolo
With the bolo, mandingo, stunnin' mojo
Que paso? I be the sharpest capolo
I ride over the ruggedest tracks, stack a Tahoe
Maybe a Bronco, or even a Durango
I MC for life, that's right, I do my thing, yo
Bang bang, yo, back 'em on the chain gang
Yo, I wanna spit it for my people, so I can let 'em know
I never ripped it, to show off that I'm nicest
My instinct, is insinc, plus it's timeless
And the light I shine, dog, is ultraviolet
A night catch a sun tan, man, where my rhyme hits
My soul glow is unstoppable, unrockable
I'm light weight, but I can put you in the hospital
Hittin' up the collective, or individuals
I'm like an eighth covered in crystal, I'm gonna hit you[Hook 4X][Afu-Ra]
So I'm the shit, huh? Now I'm Down like a Black Hawk
Everywhere I go, like I'm walking on the catwalk
I wax it, and tax it, I'm doing the kung fu kick
Holding my dick, like Michael Jackson
Yowser yowser yowser, the more you can bounce to count
That everybody feel the power, you know?
I step on the stage, my mic like a lightsaber
Blast through the Seran Vega, then I jump off the wall
As I take it to your face, like Vega
Now who wanna contest the champion sound?
With the crown from the underground, ready to fuckin' put it down
Parallel or perpendicular, you couldn't get with the
Lyrical elixir, I be the victor
Beyond, and bless the mic so glorious
And go 'head and dust off your rust
I leave you stiff as a statue, boy, standing in the dust[Hook to fade]

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