Raw Sause lyrics

[Intro: AFGoblin]
Yo, ayy, yo [Verse 1: AFGoblin]
I don't understand what you're saying
Everybody knows that you better start praying
Because I'm slaying, and everybody knows I'm going
Super Saiyan, but I ain't Satan what am I saying uh
You ain't even cool 'bout to bust a cap, leave you in a pool
A pool of blood you know what's up
You know I don't know what is- (Woo!)
Ayy, chilling like Da Shiznit boy
I don't really care about you though
I don't really give a crap about it, about to bust a cap (What?)
You can't rap (Uh)
What is this (Huh?)
Don't give a drip, everybody knows my music
Is lit just like the wick of a candle stick (Skrt!)[Interlude: Michael Delaney]
Ayy, I don't care you are just a fat bro
I don't care cause you are just a Snoop Dogg, a stoop dog[Verse 2: Michael Delaney]
You are just don't care, I don't care
I don't steer, hear what I say
I don't care cause -
You are just nothing
Nothing, but what thing
What the- what the- curry
You just scurry, teriyaki chicken
What the berryaki chicken
Butt sicken, I don't care cause that's just sticking
I- I eat chicken, you don't care of that
I like bread sticks, what the shad sticks
I don't care that ayy, I don't care ayy
I don't care ayy, and the skrt
Because you are a boy but you're wearing a skirt (Skrt!)
[Interlude 2: AFGoblin]
Skrt, listen[Verse 3: AFGoblin]
I got so much ice on my wrist (Ayy)
I start to forget where I live (Skrt)
Don't even got drip
My music is lit just like the wick (Yeah, raw sauce)
What is this ayy
Freaking sh-- (Woo!)
Ice on my wrist better forget it ayy
Everyone knows I'm better ayy
Embedded in gold chains
Everybody knows I'll leave you in pain
In the brain and I don't understand what you're saying
Everybody knows I'm going Super Saiyan
You a lame and you better start praying I'm slaying
And everyone understands what I'm saying like yeah![Outro: AFGoblin]
Skrt, ayy, ice
AFGoblin – Raw Sause

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