[Produced by 9th Wonder] [Verse 1: Cutlass Reid]
Intelligent thug, half of the time I'm Nasir Jones
Cooking live at the barbecue
When I reveal poems from the composition
Destroy the competition
Never on the wire
But look Joe, here's the proposition
I pray for you fools every day like a faithful christian
Sunk my soul in white wood the whole eighth I'm twistin'
Cutlass, jet black '78 edition
I'm a genius, straight A's when I ride the rhythm
Cut the pie more than twice and I'm gon' get a slice
Don't act like I ain't the truth
Word to Proof, let's go get 'em Ninth
Uh-Uh, let's go get 'em Ninth
Middle East represent let's go get 'em Ninth[Verse 2: Skewby]
I'm sad cause my generation got the blindest eyes
Niggas rapping 'bout drugs like it's saving lives
Investing time into these hoes like potential wives
If that's the mother of yo son boy don't be surprised
Didn't think that karma was real
The condom flushed down your toilet resurrected as a beautiful kid
Got you working double time to lead that cubicle shit
Make up your mind, holy design or Lucifer's tips
Yeah I know life's complicated
Open the bottle just to see it's all concentrated
Pulp fiction I will never pump fiction just to leave pots pissed in
Spittin' at the camera like Pac before prison huh
You know the losers say it happens to the best of us
The best of who dawg? Who are you dawg?
I'm U-turning in the clouds because of me
Been logging off since that guy on Youtube is me
Usually I would like attention
But strangers get stranger with every "Can I get a picture?"
I'm trynna tell folks blog posts don't make ya richer
But thank you for supporting all the genius in a nigga[Verse 3: Naledge]
Tread water on flat land
My larynx hold crack cocaine for a rap fan
Looking for more than the shuckin' and jivin' of rappers compromisin' they taste
Like eating off a griddle no blow
Never congregate with the so-so
Snob hop in it's purest, this here is my modern life
I took a vow, never live moderate
That was way back when I was on Ivy league college shit
They won't let me live it down so I live it up
I used to want my city's crown now it isn't much
No shots fired when 'Pac died
Back when it wasn't cooler to be lying to the consumer
Matata Hakuna, I am the Lion King
Tell these hoes what they want, I'm the Lyin' King
Word to McLuda, Brainiac
No blanks in my six shooter, they all hollow
Take a tip, out the sip
Class is dismissed[Verse 4: Add-2]
Yo, coming straight up from Chicago
They say I'm coming from the outside looking in
Looking like that nigga that your favorite rapper should've been
Better than the best right, catch me in the next life
Bet I'm still spittin' uglier than Usher's ex-wife
Add-2 a problem in the column Ann Landers writes
So mean but on the mic I'm near Planter's nice
A genius like Jean and Ninth and kill tracks
Trynna hurry up before Drake and J. Cole bring light-skinned back
You kick it like hacky sack, I ain't going back to that
For every scar on Seal’s face, I can spit a rap to match
They nervous like a suburban jumping the curb
And the shit I spit is stuck on they mind like hodgy wearing his turban
I was told to go harder, and try and touch the dollar
Mo' dots be on they ass than Laurence Fishburne' daughter
Artists hard as the hardest part the part a gotta martyr us
And Martin must
Guess I'll dumb it down we all smarten up[Verse 5: Kendrick Lamar]
If you look inside my mind you'll probably see atomic bombs
Loaded with explosive grenades holding dope rhymes
And it's potent
You never heard a heroic flow more divine
As a poet I know I'm the don
Like sunrise and I owe it to family genes
The Albert Einstein in the pocket of dungarees
And I'm dunking on Shaq with ease
It's a lay up every time I stay up
I'm in the studio the time they wake up, but wake up
It gets worse
There's not a weapon that can prosper
The prognosis of a sick rapper that can rock ya whole roster
This is genius, [?] can vouch in v-necks
Or catch a snow blizzard if Kendrick gon' visit
I'm that cold with it, you know me
My intellect get intertwined with God
Get washed up like a tide if you don't pay your tithes
Oceans divide whenever I speak
Cars will collide when I'm on this beat
Wreck shit for the record once the record peak[Verse 6: Brittany Street]
Brittany Street, yea, time told on itself
Kinda happy here to see this, I’m a actual genius
Ninth, I’m on a pedestal lift a finger when it’s needed
A genius makes no mistakes
So it’s cool I had to wait push the bull to the side
And keep my power in the safe
Now I release it in this room
Even if you don’t believe you’ll catch a spirit in this place
I’m a actual revolver
When it comes back around hope it’s me for the take
I’m a thief for this space, I want it all or nothing
It’s never beef for this cake
And I’m the beauty and the beast and on this beat I will shake
Damn slow down Street, naw nigga this my pace
You need actual proof, I’m the actual stakes
Past the [?] around and tell them super genius on it’s way
Brittany Street[Verse 7: The Kid Daytona]
What a beautiful day it is, cruisin’ to Mayfield
In a ride that glide like [?] when he was hoopin’ in [?]
Living proof for the ‘mazing is
Scooped up your broad now my palm on the cranium
Gettin’ dome, indoor stadium
Rocky ass roll when I’m all in your [Adrian?]
You must suck at life, I’m on the cusp of hypes
Unattainable to most, safe to say I’ve touched the sky
Delante West you muthafuckin’ [bride?]
Show some respect for the toughest on the mic
Daytona, paint images like Iliad from Homer
What you hearin’ is quotables
You never get it if you slow to move
Success smell sweet like when roses bloom
Defeat like sea salt in an open wound
I know some goons that keep the strap on like rented bowling shoes
[?] those them dudes I keep close for hoes like you
No lenience for idiots, my five thoughts beyond smart
He’s a muthafuckin’ genius[Verse 8: Laws]
Yo they mocking me when they should be copying their Laws
Knowledge is forever but novelty wears off
Like names on a wall, and fade like hairlines
They gave mine airtime
This is for the Judas that call me Jesus in person then say he’s just OK
He jock my colour quality painted my genius gray
So I’mma meet the chicks he want and steadily strong arm ‘em
Make ‘em glow like silver and readily Long John ‘em
It’s not a problem, or one that I can’t solve
They wanna stop to talk shit man but I can’t stall
In this modern warfare they say that I can’t but I can’t recall
Poppin’ off with my back to the wall
Is being a genius being a capital G
In this day [?] avoiding it after seeing it
Either it’s something that you can’t reach
Or it’s something that your whack mentors can’t teach
Genius[Verse 9: Sundown]
Knowledge connoisseur, genius provocateur
The genius schizophrenic, scribble my mental image
Replace the inkblots, graph a genius plot
Off the charts I mark my territory
Glory been [?]
Banner in the lab before the gamma radiation got to damage him
You bore me, what of Arabia? Pen prick
Dot my I’s, got my eyes fixed on Angelou’s prize
Bleed ink never cry, logic on the fly
I promised I would try to bring more
To make your lightbulbs fry
Shy of autism, walk with him he’s Rainman, huh
Talk with him just to figure out the game plan, ha, game theory
Marvel my brain picking pieces of a sane man
I make it rain again
Beautiful mind of intuitive design
By omega in the skies
And we don’t brainstorm, just cause you will waste it
We make it drizzle just a little go ahead and taste it
The brainiac has made it, a makeshift
Modern day genius, Act Proof that crazy shit
Dustin Hoffman, on again, off again
[?] and I’m lost again[Verse 10: Enigma]
I am E, I do it seamless
Freakin’ this genius
Yup a G I is, but lethal we see y’all niggs
Straighten you out, you see my lens
Freakin’ this re-a-mix up a little [?]
I’ll find out whoever the comp is
I promise them [?]
They will see I’m kind of a monster
[?] my harmonica
Honest, I’m one of the smartest, like I’m from Boston
MIT-in’ it
Meet the illest team I’m with, more in tune like most improved to a [?]
Shit, clean cut, read a few books to get up my bucks
Give ‘em a mean look, believe it they seem shook, they stuck
Niggas get steam cooked when I read books
Roastin’ cats when provoked, and peep the Opus
One of the dopest, get to know us, [?]
And show it whenever class is in session
Know it, get out your notes
This genius shit? I wrote it, let’s go

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