Zoomer Anthem lyrics

Intro: 16yrold, Lil Pump, & 21 Savage
D. Rose, ooh

Verse 1: Aqsa & Lil Pump
Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh?
You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn't kiss ya (Mwah!)
He gon' find another girl and he won't miss ya
He gon' skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa
Made a couple bands in the kitchen (Kitchen)
Made a couple bands water whippin' (Brrr)
Take a nigga bitch, go missing, ouu
Bitch, I ball like a piston, ouu
Bitch, I flex, Ric Flair, damn
All they do is stare, ouu
Lil Pump really don't care, no
Told a bih "Lil Pump, yeah, ouu"
Everybody know I'm up next, yeah
Everybody know I flex, ouu
I run through these checks, ouu
I flex on my ex, ouu
Left four bands in the trap (Trap)
Left four bands in the trap (four)
Smokin' on loud pack, ouu
Smokin' on loud pack, ouu

Chorus: 6ix9ine & Lil Pump
Niggas iffy, uh
Move them bricks to the bando like, ouu
Blicky got the stiffy, uh
Diamond on my wrist and it look like glue
Walk in the club and I flex like ouu
Walk in the club and I flex like ouu
Maison Margiela all over my shoe
Maison Margiela all over my shoe

Verse 2: 21 Savage
Gucci store, a hundred thou', that's just in a day (On God)
Always cheatin', I'm a dog, think I need a cage (On God)
Savage loaded, chips and dip, I'm not talkin' 'bout Lays (21)
Throwback Rafs, call 'em retros, I'm not talkin' 'bout J's (21)

Beat Switch

Interlude: Kanye West
You're such a fuckin' ho
When the first time they ask you if you want sparklin' or still?
Why you tryna act like you was drinkin' sparklin' water 'fore you came out here?
You're such a fuckin' h—

Verse 3: Kanye West
I'm a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck
I like my dick sucked, I'll buy you a sick truck
I'll buy you some new tits, I'll get you that nip-tuck
How you start a family? The condom slipped up
I'm a sick fuck, I'm inappropriate
I like hearin' stories, I like that ho shit
I wanna hear mo' shit, I like the ho shit
Send me some mo' shit, you triflin' ho bitch

I'm already-

Acrylo – Zoomer Anthem

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