Woah-ing in the 90's lyrics

[Verse: Crash Bandicoot]
Woah [Background][Verse 1]
Modem talking, modern walking in the streets
New desire
Take me higher, lift me higher with your speed
I need fire[Pre-Chorus]
Get the satellite, if you want to see me
Talking on the net, I know the way you like it
Get your credit card 'cause I need no money
All I wanna get is you, baby[Chorus]
Runnin' in the 90's is a new way I like to be
I'm just runnin' in the 90's
Come on, baby, run to me
We are runnin' in the 90's, it's a new way to set me free
I'm just runnin' in the 90's
Yes, I wanna know, yes, I wanna see

Acrylo – Woah-ing in the 90\'s

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