Uh, I got a potty mouth, when I go to shit talking
Niggas come with they hands out, 'cause they want the juice from me
Feeling alright nigga calm down, big dogs on the compound
Paybacks on the way around if you got a problem better say it now
I am happy we reunited, here come the rap I am Leonidas
You want them problems you re-invited
You know the flow on some Hepatitis
I am in poppin' demand, that's how the radio hands
Black out the Bentley the truck, shit cost like 300 bands
Count up the fetty then count again, you never know what we pullin' in
Smoking on cannabis yet again, high like my women with melanin
That's how you level it up, enough is enough is enough
Energy energy up, you sleeping I'm waking you up
Back on the block you know the boy
You know I got it I've done it before
500 horses inside of the Porsche
Too much of money I've spent in the courts
I hit the gym just to start up my day
I throw the weights like they do the bouquet
You think it's sweet is another mistake, rearrange a nigga whole face
Please don't make me catch a whole case, niggas fuck with me the long way
I'm just doing what the song say
I'm a king on the Lord's day, ooh
I got a big amount, Phantom too big and I can't even back it out
Young nigga hold it down, real niggas know that the boy made the city proud
You haters are motivation, I'm in LA we at Crustaceans
We never needing no reservation
, women they beg me to penetrate it
Oh that's your lady I never knew, stand in the paint like I'm 7'2"
I tell her keep on them Jimmy Choo's, she call me 'zaddy' I'm with it cool
Whipping the Bentley that's how I do it, sick of Miami I'm tryna move
Fuck is you niggas been tryna prove?
Funny you thought that I needed you, young nigga gotta get paid

Gon' get me back in my ways, I was just listening to Gutta
Bitch I remember them days, I was a jit in the game
Young nigga know he a problem, young nigga know he a beast

I'm tryna get me a dollar
I'm tryna head for some millions, I'm tryna build me some buildings
Put up some dough for my children, give my young niggas the vision
I'm tryna trip to the West Coast, flow on the best of the best smoke
I'm in a low low with vato, he hit a lick for a gusto, oof
You got a big mouth, stop it I run the South
Are you kids really done playin' now? I went the legend route
Handed the flow to them niggas you brag about
Don't get me started they dearly departed this movie ain't featured by Paramount
Fuck is that all about? I'm gon' be legend I never doubt
I know my presence been unannounced, I love my fans who been holdin' down
Soon you'll be fittin' me for the crown, nigga And I got a big amount, ask 'em who run the South
Nigga I got a big amount
You got a big mouth, stop it I run the South nigga

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