It’s the return of the
“Yeah he sing like a brother
Been flowing like a river
Ever since we can remember Hitting notes like he Timber
Lake or Prince Rogers Nelson
Turn his ass to a symbol
He only there if we let him”Never wanted to be any less than a legend
Crush the world in my palm when I’m on
Never forget back to day, Studio A
I was playing my shit for Duro
Demo, Gudwin, and Swivel
Thinkin about them eurosAnd dreaming of a better life
I swear I’m close enough to taste it
Never waste an opportunity to shineCuz when I blow, I swear it’s over
And if I’m on, then best believe that Joe is coming with me
Swear that ya’ll ain’t fuckin with meI’m screaming Apex for forever and a day
The only competition in this game, just throw the rest away
Can’t even front like this my hardest, locked the best away
Maybe I’ll hit ya’ll on a rainy day
I might not even put this out, yeah I’m just tryna be productive
But even on my B-Sides, I still ain’t nothin to fuck wit
Just wait for all them voicemails, killing everyone you stuck with
I’m coming fast like I bust quick, so keep ya distance cuz you knowThe flow impeccable, promise that I’m incredible
Taking your favorite rapper and making sure he regret
The day he ever fuckin touched a mic
And make him pack it up
It’s over homie, wrap it up
I swear I never gave a fuckAnd one day you know this gon’ be the anthem
Bumpin all my shit inside the Phantom
Takin all the competition, new edition, old edition
Never miss em, hit em wit, a new beginning
Honda civic, swapped for the Wraith with the windows tinted
God damnCole said one day everybody gotta die
But homie, I been feeling so alive
Just wait for the day, that I’m on and killing
I’ve been scheming like a villain, I told ya’ll
Ain’t nobody out that can break my stride
God damn

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