(We be the infamous: you heard of us)
(You all alone in these streets, cousin)
[Verse 1: The Etherealist]
This is a warning shot. Fuck with Ether, you getting popped
Slice your arms off so you bleed out before your blood clots
Spraying buckshots at mother-fuckers
Mowing down your whole clique; there's only two of us
In2ition and Ether:
rape your ass 'efore we eat ya
A two-headed creature fucking your primary school teacher
Yeah, I'm worse than Big Lurch
Bodies gone missing: I ate them out the fucking hearse
I'm a fucking curse on this rap game
Buried more mother-fuckers than Gucci Mane
Your fucking kids get slain. High off cocaine
And PCP so pray and plea I don't eat their brains
Ether bound in chains, pain in my veins, I'm leaving bloodstains
I'm the nastiest mother-fucker with the sickest aim
Not doing this for the fame: I'm just a fucking animal
Ain't leaving with your life 'less on your wife, you go cannibal[Hook: The Etherealist] [x2]
Ain't no sad song: this is a warning. So fucking bring it on and
History of Violence will leave your fucking family mourning
Two mother-fuckers with a death wish
Get your neck slit; slay your kids if you step to this[Verse 2: In2ition]
I murder your mother with an ice-pick
And stab your father in the eyes with a broken stick
I've got a nice dick. Just ask your saucy sister: she was forced to suck it
I anally penetrated her in your house while listening to Chris Brown
He understandably frustrated me; gave me a frown
So the only colours that she squirted out were red and you guessed it: brown
I enjoy getting sprayed with shit; I'm used to it
But now, me and Ether are here not to adhere
To current understands and rules: we're here to fuck you
And the music you listen to. We're gonna screw you and you won't scream out
Because we've destroyed your vocal chords: We've ripped 'em clean out
You ain't got none now. Used our rap dicks; we rap lyrical tricks
Our lyrics stick in your heads cause they're so sick
We're dope and you're wack. I do smack your mother when she talks all that
I'm a killer who moves in the pitch black
I'm better than Jak: I run over ten kids before morning brek'
Cause I'm done with a warning: I am the wreck[Hook][Verse 3: G-Magz]
My dreams are traumatic
My mind unwinds like a nine year-old girls on automatic
Oh, land of the brave... (Everybody's fair game)
...What's happened to you? (Look for someone to blame)
Thirty-three graves a day and I'm pleading with my nine
What happened to the fourth and keeping people alive?
Don't ask me, bitch; don't mean for no-one to die
You pulled my trigger on some wigger, so open your eyes
Fuck you; big surprise, there's a riot outside
Blood on your hands and hate in their eyes
And haste in their minds to wipe you out
Thought that capping this bitch would sort shit out
That kid had a mother, tell me he didn't love her
No grace for our brothers, rather waste one another
If a camel can't pass through a needle, can a soul
Find a way to Jesus through a nine-mil' hole?
What's your goal here, kid? What you want to achieve?
Cause I've seen some shit that you won't believe
And no amount of killing gonna make me concede
That this never-ending war is the life I wanna lead
(The whole world bleeds) Fuck the U S of A
Weaponise young minds; twelve thousand graves
Every single fucking year; yeah, you hear their families mourning?
Hope you're haunted by their tears; yeah, let that be a warning[Hook]

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