You see I know niggas gone feel this one cause it's something new
It's that old shit, classic shit
It's gone set the club on fire [Verse]I brought the cold season
Bout to chill your bones
Cause my flow is frozo cold
Like I'm chilling in the snow
I got my super suit on
You ain't got nowhere to go
Like that kid in home alone
I'm the kid whose just unknown
Who ain't a known figure
Getting money like I'm Kanye West
My flow a little rusty but you niggas know that I'm the best
You don't believe let's take a test
And put this shit to rest
I'll give your family my condolences for when they clean the mess
I'm a cold nigga
Like the rattlesnake
I rattle shit
That's no debate
I rattle clips to kill your favourite rapper
With my rattle stick
Then take their favourite bitch, who knows just how to straddle dick
Then shoot her in the head like I'm taking picks for the gram
I'm tryna understand man
Like an old A.B.I.L record that you niggas use to Stan but don't fuck with this new shit
I dropped my first project but you stick in your huberous
I'm done[Outro]See I ain't gotta drop music, but when I do , yall don't appreciate
I tried to give you that, that heat , some of that classic
That old school shit , you know , the shit you can vibe to
Play in the whip, drive too
I don't get appreciated enough

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