Ay ay ay
You gon feel my presence in the room like i got a ghost
I told that nigga show me what u got like it’s a talent show
Give me all yo money my language bitch Rosetta Stone
Yea we slide down any block u think bout doin ese wrong Damn Nina you came out of nowhere
Bitch I’m from Columbus but you bitches do not know where
People speakin on my name they lyin tellin folktale
Bitch i Keep a shooter i suggest you that u do not go thereAy They said sis you in yo ways
Well I am not no averages bitch so Fuck minimum wage
Ain’t signing on no deal bitch if I’m not gettin paid
They said money trees is the perfect place for shade ayThey b like who am i ?
I’m that lil cute bitch the same one You admire
All i say is factual So baby tell me who a lie
Move aside
Jump out in the jungle See if you survive
He Think that he a dog well tell that nigga he get euthanizedBitch worry bout yo mans and why he always Bugging me
Pull up take his money then i leave that’s the thug in me
Trust me i ain’t chasing if he up and leave
Bitch i got my strap i named it Betty it get uglyBitch I’m really sick u just got allergies
Yo nigga buy me Ruth Chris you just mad that you get Applebees
Nigga playin roles So tell me baby why you Mad at me
Play w me i Burn a down out just like sum caloriesTalkin all that shit like baby girl what’s That’s the issue
You thinkin that shit sweet I’ll have the 40 come kiss you
My nigga Pull up n Red dot u now u Hindu
Ya we on that mobbin u kno What we get into

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