Gloves On lyrics

[Intro] (Just try try try try try try it, try, try)[Verse 1]Man I see you coolin havin fun in nyc
Must have been a fool to ever think it could be meCoulda been a movie
But I’ll settle for a love song
And you ain’t gotta boo me just tell me that I love wrong
Gloves onMaybe I just wasn’t-
Baby I been buggin-
Lately you been actin shady, uh
[Verse 2]Thought you was down for a nigga
Didn’t take you long to look around for a nigga, by looks of it you really scraped the ground for a nigga
You bound for a nigga
I got rounds for the nigga
And I’ll pull the trigger
It’s like a symphony
Bet you let him hit it like a timpani
I guess I really wanted you to simp for me
Want you to sin for me
And I mean sinfully (Mhm)[Verse 3]Pieces
Two dogs run but only one ain’t got a leash it’s
Cool off son there ain’t no fun without some demons
Two coughs rona when she suckin on my
Shoes off prolly if you comin in my
A new bop beama in my sim simma
I cruise off listening to J Dilla
A new spot iller than la casa triller
Bigger than the very hungry caterpillar it’s up-

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