[Verse 1: Monkey]
From kway back then likkle yout' fam I learned how to rob
Ring trap, ring trap, manaman sell Whitney and Bob
67 ain't a gang, it's a family, something like a mob
Bang for my bro, bang for my blood nonstop

Got drillers that lurk with the mop
You don't wanna see LD with that spinner that barks like a dog
Slip or slide, slip then you're gonna get got
Put smoke in the ride let's lurk I'm tryna hit em with the dots
5am with the gang, blowing loud on a gang ting

Finnessing the game like Messi
Whenever 67's in the rave manaman blow loud so the club's so smelly
Pengting tryna act prestige in the corner but man know she a jezzy [Verse 2: Dimzy]
Money don't sleep at all
I link my plug then chop it all up
Hit the market and set up my stall
My young boys get in them bands
They said trapping man fuck that school
Dropped two packs off kway
Told my runners "Don't fuck up at all"
I get bands that's cool
From trapping, shows and making new tunes
Kitties dem love my stones
Shooters and trappers and pengtings love my tunes
From way back we fucked up the roads
Skengs on peds, skengs in a 4 door too
Dotty on the ride from way back
32 spinners and bro we had a 44 too
Now we got a chopper with 50
You don't wanna get hit with this corn
That's 50 bells in this clip
Gun same size like a fucking chainsaw
Little man you won't ever understand
Until you see the fucking size of the corn
44 in a 4 door like 67k, what, where? Hold corn[Verse 3: LD]
Since LD's here who cares if Scribz on a ban
Suttin got touched round there now there's bare feds where man hang
How you fucking with dem man there and claiming that we're fam?
Well you'll soon learn that can be dodgy
Free Wig got locked for a body
Ain't seen him since '011
Them days we got stashed with a shotty
You better just mean it and do it
When I raise that mash, no time to say sorry
Young boys on the block trapping on volks these days
Who cares about colly
You don't wanna see Liquez with a skeng
That there's nothing but danger
That's churches, suits and ties
And family singing "away in a manger"
Had am you were smoking on cheese
Calm down you don't know about flavours
Need a steak and rice
Got this thing on my waist, don't care
Still going through flavours

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