.44s In a 4 Door lyrics

2 44s in a 4 door drive up pull up everyone pause..aight
I was in a bando you was in a party tryna go home with a whore (trap) ....aight (trap brr brr )...aight

2 44s in a 4 door drive up pull up everyone pause
I was in a bando you was in a party tryna go home with a whore
Lockin arff tons with raw
I just put down 3 now I'm tryna get 4s
Break down the 4s
And I got about a thousand stones and hundreds more
Ever since I stacked up 5 I never looked back and I stacked up more
Bros came back from the jails
And he's bustin the bare like naughty the whore
Just linked S and I bought me a drawin
And we talkin about Ps and war (Scribz)
And we talkin about fuckin up the music scene
But for now man trap for the cause
Bro still whip out the road and stretch it like a muscle got pulled
When man do the lurk man's lurkin
Skengs in the ride we ain't tryna get pulled
Free Itch, Siz and Puller
They were on the opp block tryna fry man too
10 toes on the opp blocks
Skeng on the palm tryna turn man Zeus
Money affi make so I break down all this food
Just sent JD and Cop like 5 new shoes (5 new kicks)
Just link S and I cop me a free 5 too
Rass that now I'm all slumped now I'm tryna get me a juice
I'm whizzin with gangs at the penthouse 6 bottles in the backseat full
Big man don't be a fool man dance with a whole heap of tools
Skengs in a party full, rollies and caries everyting madda
If you real with the gangdem mad ting sad up
Chain and watch get grab up
Grab up grab up grap up GRAB UP

Outro: Dimzy & Liquez
**Phone call between Liquez and Dimzy**
You already know who it is
Mad Liquez 67
Free 25, free ISIS, free iPoint, free Brixton
Free The 6! you get me
Dimzy, free Dogy, free Jango, free Liquez
Free Skeng, free SJ, ohh and Slows! ohh Negz
Dimzy free the hill!
Dimzy mad mash the opps ring ring
I mash the opps on road
Niggas know!

67 – .44s In a 4 Door

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