(Verse 1: Mattunchi)
Smiling through the Pain
Dancing in the rain
I see the rainbows coming
A beautiful Day
See the kids em smiling
The white & the brownies
The life and the chances
The step and the Basis
We coming for this
Me and 3ple on this
The prophecy speaking
Expectations them peaking
We dreaming no sleeping
Reality kicking
Now this is the vision
We out in this mission
Yeah we out in this mission
Yeah we out in this mission (Second Verse: 3ple L)
Yeah we out in this mission
Yeah we out in this
Give me a break
Take that your pad away, this no be game
Roses and daisies they all fade away
So while I'm alive give me flowers today
I've been on the low for awhile
And I don't think nobody sees me
I'm ghost
They say I do most
Even when I die will I even get a rose
I don't know
Does it even matter?
Cuz at the end of the day, the game is the game
And it's not a game, there's nothing to say again
We all playing the game
But it's not a game
At the end of the day
There's nothing to say again

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