Poetic Justice: Tha New Yorker Dorm Chronicle



Damn! where'd the time go?
(Put them up high 2x)
Just a little bit
And you know I go by the name 3C’s shorty
Look! [Verse]
She was bad, someone you would wish you had
Analyze what’s her mission, you’re wishing more glad than sad
Let me be prolific, she was fine, recall our first dance as we sipped wine
Kiss on her neck, I passed two lines, and that was on purpose, but just on time
Play a player but just one played, it’s also funny that we’re both tryna get laid
Got her hair did, I got a fade, and i’m balling like Dwayne Wade
I would grade her best feature an a, and that is her smile
Life been the best teacher for days, just won't pick, nor dial
That sounds like poetic justice, poetic justice
If I told you you’re bipolar, really wouldn’t care if you felt insulted
I particularly wrote a poem in this song, dedicated to the fast blast
You got class, now my past, not my first, nor my last
Come holla at a g when your mind right, and optimistically you kept them legs tight
Sour diesel in the blunt, let’s take flight, such a perfect moment in time, to dim the light
Another man’s girl had bad intentions, and I should’ve mentioned the just smash deal
But I can never right my wrongs, unless I write them down for real, P.S[Outro]
I told you this already shorty
Call me crazy for this one Earl
Let’s get it nigga
I’m out

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