[Intro: samples & 38 Spesh]
Huh (Green Lantern)
Trust (It's 1995)
Nine-five shit (The evil genius)
Huh (It’s 1995)
You see that shit had to be handled, man? The game is the fuckin' game. Period
Same as it ever was
And frankly, you been here as long as me? You do the thing on your name
Ayo, huh [Verse]
These niggas watch too much TV
And I can get you hit up easy
You ain't a plug if you can’t serve a nigga who just need three
You a small plug, like the USB-C
These rappers faking, imaginating, they fabricating
They do a whole lot of overexaggerating
We the ones who retaliated
Bullets help you reach your final destination, like a travel agent, huh
Niggas' life ain't nothing like mine
Bitch-ass niggas prob'ly fight crime
They ain't have a pipeline, ain't see 'em in the nighttime
Can't get fly when you cheaper than Expedia and Priceline
I don’t wanna hear how your ice shine
I’ma on-sight mine, you gon' write rhymes
Won’t do shit, yeah you rich, but you so much of a bitch
They should put your biopic on Lifetime
Ayo, shoutout to the whole motherfucking Trust, man
Street Jus', I see you
Asia, what's happening
Black Jezz, what's good, nigga
Shoutout to Killa KI
585, Rochester, New York, what’s goin' on
Trust! Let's go!

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