Rest in Peace, to all those victims of the Coronavirus
Prayers go out to all you and your families
We tryna move on to better days [Verse:]
Stuck in the moment, thinking bout what could’ve been
I just looked outside, just tryna reminisce (uh)
All the things goin’ on, man shits getting crazy
Baby just maybe, have you noticed me lately?I just watched the news last night, I can’t believe what they telling me
Locked up in my room, just feeling like a felony
Day whatever this shit is, you know its getting boring
I just copped mе a foreign, but you know you can’t afford itLookin’ past the negativity, to bеtter days
Tryna figure out, why these niggas wan’ hate
And to all victims, you know that I’m pray
The Lord keeps on blessing me, so if I make it out alive
I know he know got’ save mePraying everyday this shits finna be over
But every time I turn on the Tv, things start to get older
Feeling like I’m losing my mind, I need God as my witness
You know I can’t resist this, Baby what is this?
My girl be stressing, because she loves to pay dramatics
You trippin baby, because you know the baddest
You know you a savage
Don’t settle for anything else baby, because you know you ain’t average (yea)LookIn my thoughts and dreams, all I hear is the voices
Tellin me I can go on and make better choices
Learning what I’ve done in my life, i can change ways
And when I get to the top of the mountain, you know I’mma take that to the grave

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