[Intro] It is currently one thirty in the morning
I gotta be quiet, wait fuck wrong tra-
To not wake up my parents[Verse 1]I’m pretty sure the men in front, of me are having
Very gay homosexual faggot sex
This is kinda weird help me, please my eyes
Really hurts to see, please help me[Interlude]Yeah if you couldn’t tell, that part was made on GarageBand
I decided to ditch that beat[Intro to Beat Switch]This beat isn’t any better but we’re gonna use it anyways
Cause this song- I fucking said so
No causе this song is an experiment, and I fucking said so[Verse 2]
Yuh!Bum Bum! (Bum Bum!)I’m just chilling down, on my bеd
It’s around nine o’clock in
The afternoon but that’s not trueDug digga dome diddily suck deez dum digga dome dum diggity nigga nuts
Fucking faggot
Hahahaha you’re gonna die
Fucking nigga, I mean what?
I didn’t say the-
I DIDNT SAY THE N WORD YOU FUCKING NIGGER I WILL [?][Outro]This darkie definitely you’re still [?] ahahaha
Yeah I don’t know, I just wanted to
That’s my explanation for thisFucking gay ass nigga like for realPlease have a good day (Shut up!)
I WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE (No sh- stop stop no stop)
AND SUCK YOUR DICK YOU [?] (Shut the fuck up)
Kill yourself
I wanted to kill myself, so then i tried
At first i couldn’t, but then i died
I know i’m trapped, alone in the city
But i can get down, and you can go with me
Let’s go to hell, i hear it’s prettySincerely, Joshua Hamilton

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