Ashes lyrics

Pain has been a good companion through the rain
It's been pulsing like the blood in my veins
I've been scared to jump into the dark
But I need a clean new start
You telling me you wanna be like a soldier
Minimal chance of closure, survive in the land of the snakes
Like that song; your always in my mind
Shut your mouth, you were just blind

I'm lost, behind me the mess I ​caused
I did it on my own but what's the cost?
When I look back I see all my memories burnt into ashes


Years that will mark our kids with salty, bitter tears
While their forced to face our fears
Therе will be no way out of it
We blew thеir chances
We're telling them their gonna be brave soldiers
Putting all the weight on their shoulders
This is the land of the snakes
Like Billy sung in honesty
Everything is constantly fake

We're lost, behind us the mess we caused
We did it on our own but what's the cost?
When we look back we see all our memories burnt into ashes


2nd Life, Sara Brown – Ashes

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