Ay uh, can I get my diamonds back?
Give me my fucking diamonds back
I'ma fuck this fool up, hey hey hey
Yeah, hey hey hey Combo'd him, that's a sick spot
I go psycho in the paint, they call me clickbot
Take his ass real life if he wanna say sum
Come here, uh
Make it go through his nose, give him a new septum (Bang)
Aye, sword gang, you'll get split
She gon' take me to the bathroom, like okay chick
Bitch said I was gon' hit, uh, kiss her on the lips
Dire situation, pencil as a shank like John Wick (Shank shank shank)
Yeah I'm skinny, but my blade makes me really fucking big (Shink)
Kill him IRL, I don't give a shit (Shink, shink)
Diamond pick, hello what is cupid, I got netherite, you a fucking bitch (Shink shink)

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