Didn't think he would but he must of
Cah he made the yay go but nothing like Costa
Still out here from dark till sunny
Still screaming "Free P" but I weren't giving out money (Free him)
Fuck the govs, man, they labelled him a killer
Exchange went wrong but we weren't listening to Tiller (Trapsoul)
See them boy, they a bag of gas
Red eye but they hope I blew like Fabregas (Yeah)
I didn't think he did but he done it, then I came to his strip and he blew like Sonic (Why you running?)
Them boy don't want it 'cause when I came to your block, I screamed out "Fam, who's on it?" (Nobody)
But fuck them little characters
What you know about grinding just for them barristers?
'Cause we never wanted legal aid
Tryna go private just to make sure that he's free again
Fuck a one on one
'Cause mum's can get diluted when I start robbing sons

This is real life no fiction
Dumb hoes wanna hold me but I ain't Gyptian (No way)
I'll bring it to your door like Argos
No celebrity if I ever make the star pop (Huh?)
Oops, I meant pop star
Rips in the denim got me looking like a rockstar
And hopefully the scene pops
Tell a man "Don't watch me, I'll get your G shocked"
You know me, I'm never lacking
No hair shops when I say we get the packs in (Uh)
Work slowed down, copped remix
And now we get paid when another fiend hits (It's ringing)
Don't know a don that ain't tryna bump man
I'll end his future when I get a chance to jump man
T-house coming like my sanctuary
'Cause I'm tryna hit cell, something like January
Dammy made me back that
But the clip only held ten like Snapchat

Money meetings up in Nandos
Phone my Spanish plug, I said "Darg, I need some blanco"
He said "I got you mi amigo", now I'm sittin' in the trap with some blanco and some negro
Fuck a Z, fam, I need some kilos
I ain't satisfied till they let my bro P home (Let him out)
Hash just came out, they let Stigs in
So I'm tryna bake more cakes than Kipling
My cousin 32 and he ain't touched 20
When he land roves, I swear to God, I'll put him in the Bentley
Sittin' with my feet up, drinking out a tea cup
Never have to go and worry 'bout another re-up (Life's mad)
See, we was known as the youngers
But now we run the hood like we're sprintin' in some jumpers
And I put it on my mother
This year, I swear to God, I'm gonna be eatin' with my brothers
New year, new money, new problems
If it gets peak, I'll back the iron then rob 'em (Oi, fuck off)
And fuck your cash flow, we keep our mash in the town but nothing like Asco (Uh)
Fuck the opposition
I never had a pot to piss in (Never)
Think man ever fell off? I'll still send corn for the flake like Kelloggs
Gettin' money now, don't you know boo?
Fuck Novikov, we're hittin' Nobu (I'm eatin' well)
Shouts to the girl with the tattoo
For her, I'll draw sticks but it's nothing like a bamboo (Yeah)
My brother need a bag, I tell him "Hold that"
Bro, you don't even know that
Saving all these memories, something like the Kodak
Shout my brother S, that's my bro if you know that (For life)
See I'm the hardest my age
I tell a girl "Go find a man on my wage"
Didn't think she will but she probably might
Saw me in the future but it's nothing like a dirty Sprite
Kicking it to DS2
While I'm in some DS2 (Dsquared²)
Sitting here, thinking if I ever blew
What I'm gonna do with the money, yeah, I'm making moves [Outro]
That's day two wrapped up
I ain't even a rapper, B
I ain't even a rapper
This one's for everyone that tried get me on this rap ting anyways
I know I delayed a bit but I'm here now, innit?

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