[Ay khroam shoot em]
[Lil bitch] [Verse 1: .223Jerm]
Fuck all that cappin lil bitch you needa stop it
I'm a problem lil nigga I'm obnoxious
They said he missin but his body in my closet
My niggas packin with the [?] to pop it
Lil bitch I'm on some flex shit
That's why they in my mentions
I just fucked that thot and her best friend gave me dentist
I be posted with my dog gang bangin in the section
If you got an issue then you better come direct it
Like oh no
I got the pole
Gimme yo wallet I'm takin yo phone
He said he with it but then he caught hoe
10 bullet shots right to yo door
Got with some bitches
You was on some bitch shit
I will rob you bet you a broke jit
Crusty ass nigga yall need some lotion
Bitch these is gang signs you can see my motion
You's a bitch nigga tell me whatchu wanna do
If you slide with yo homies then they dyin too
Call up RVR3 and then they slidin through
Bitch you can't fit take it now you just lose[Verse 2: Dkoolpharaoh]
So what's the move?
Ay I heard you really bout it show the proof
[?] that goofy shit my boys pull up to [?]
I-I-If he want smoke [?] don't beg
All them tweets make you a fool
And if we pop out with that [?] I bet that [?] will start to scream
Ain't no doubt about it
Why I smell the pussy off yo breath?
For how you constantly actin childish
Fool watch yo step [?] make a step
Cause I really make this goin graphic
Ain't no where around it
See I'm gone [?] for what I do [?]
Is it me who only loves the sun but crackin skeletons
I break they ribs I break they [?]
You fuck with me we have some fun
We cut these sections in yo [?] stolen bombs
[?][Verse 3: .223Jerm]
I came with the gun and I came with my [?]
Fuck on your thotty in my retro 3's
If a nigga wanna get it lil nigga whatchu mean
Watch yo tone and watch yo mug mean
[?] now these niggas tryna copy
I don't give a fuck lil nigga do it sloppy
Yeah I been rappin and this shit be a hobby
I don't give a fuck I shoot a nigga in the lobby
I don't need a plug
Bitch I needa roll up [?]
Said you got your own fuckin style
So why these niggas always jockin on mine?
Bitch I'm like Tony Hawk kick flips
[?] and I come and instead I'm gone grind
And I'm countin up my paper and I multiply my digits like a nigga said he countin by the 9's


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