BOOM! lyrics

[Chorus] BOOM
BOOM[VERSE 1]I am a dog I be barkin a lot, I just be sittin parkin a lot
I just be sittin and hearin em talk, what the fuck he say
I don’t think I heard what
Make a nigga mad, when I muhfuckin talk, make a nigga mad
When I knock off his top
Make a nigga mad, when I pull out that guap
Make a nigga mad, cuz his bitch broke his heart[Chorus]BOOM
[VERSE 2]Ion give a fuck what that bitch nigga said
Fuck on his bitch in the back of the bed
I slapped her ass and that shit turnin red
I beat his ass, and I leavem all red
She is so mad, she text, but I done left her on read
I dont give a fuck bout that text
He shouldn't have said what he said

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