2007-2011 lyrics

[Intro: Mr. Werthington & 100% Beef]
"Wow. Sounds like you had a rough childhood."
"It got better for a little bit though. Arguably, the best years of my life followed."
"Huh. Seem like this book is writing itself! Uh. Uh, I mean, you know what I meant." [Verse 1: 100% Beef]
Transitioned well fifth grade got the best grades
Positioned better from Catholic school, my best days
Straight A's and and kids were a lot less judgmental
Outbursts still happened, but became minimal
Greatest teacher that year, had a lot of fun
It was so laid back here then what mom bought her son
Ligonier Valley joinеd the basketball team
Mеt my boy Twzle, ask it was all keen[Interlude: 100% Beef & Mr. Werthington]
"Uh, it kinda went downhill from there, like, completely went to shit."
"Oh boy! Can't wait to be your therapist."
"Wow. You didn't even try to be fake there, did you?"[Verse 2: 100% Beef]
Even though My anxiety was still present
I was controlling it until it till about seventh
That grade was when it began with the harassment
Had a few kids that were iffy started getting bad then
Schools joined so the kids were kinda clashing
Self-haltered thoughts I started self-bashing
Normal teen thoughts but i had trouble relaxing
I was emotional before this would've happened
[Hook: 100% Beef & Mr. Werthington]
It went to shit!
It went to shit!
It went to shit! (Holy shit!)
It went to shit!
Fucked up shit!
It went to shit!
It went to shit![Verse 3: 100% Beef]
That's when mom let a man sleep in our house then
Moved him in and then made the fucking announcement
Didn't ask me, bad taste in my mouth began
He was Always loud and I wasn't about him fam
She asked me I told her I was okay with it
How can you tell someone no if they already did it
At school, kept getting asked if I was gay by this kid
Kept staring at 'em, asking myself maybe I'm a little bit
Him saying gay as a negative connotation
Am I overthinking it? I'm autistic so I hate changes
I hate explaining not ready for conversation
Might be bi curious first time it's public information
A few jabs from kids here or there but its pretty normal
My grades dropped, as my scores showed
Started to think, "Am I mental challenged?"
Everything has been harder, hasn't it?
Started writing stories, thanks to seventh grade teacher
Writing short stories made me eager
At least I had that coping skill
Worse things were coming as I hoped to deal
[Outro: 100% Beef & Mr. Werthington]
"Where the beat--?"
"Well, it looks like you went over your word limit, but I guess I'll let that in. Ah. Man. Middle school. Aren't you glad that's over?"
"No! I wish I would've gone back to middle school! High school was worse! A lot worse!"
100% Beef – 2007-2011

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