[Intro: Mr. Werthington & 100% Beef]
"You must be 100% Beef. I'm Mr. Werthington. We talked on the phone earlier about helping you with your autobiography."
("Uh, yeah, cool. You can just call me Billy. I actually hate when people call me that when I'm not performing.")
Mr Werthington: "Mm-hmm. Uh-huh. Hey, yeah, look, we should get that autobiography started. Sounds like you have a lot to say. Just give me what you have written down so far from when you were born, and we'll, we'll go from there."
("Alright, smart ass.") 1997-2000[Verse 1: 100% Beef]
Born March 16, 1997, Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Both parents married, and werе raising (Not bran)
Only son, so my circle was completely vacant
Watching somе Sesame Street for some entertainment
(Yeah, not the buns)
Technically a ninety's kid but I was in between
Millennial? Nah, feel more like a Gen Z[100 Beef & Mr. Werthington]
"Uh, but I think Snapchat is really pointless, especially when you have Instagram and Facebook."
"Stay focused!"
"Ah, come on! I don't wanna just be a wiki page. That'd be boring."
"Kinda the point."[100% Beef]
From the start my childhood was tainted
Was too young to know my parents marriage was breaking
They didn't get along, but they're amazing
All I remember is VHS's and the PlayStation
I cant remember much since I was an infant
And that life now just seems so distant
Before I knew it, I moved into the new millennium
Started realizing parents' marriage was through, they were done[Mr. Werthington & 100% Beef]
Mr Werthington: That's great! I mean, for the story. Uh, what happened with, with the marriage, though, I'm sorry to hear about that."
"Bullshit."2000-2006[Verse 2: 100% Beef]
I was too young, how could've I reacted?
How do you tell your little boy he's got two mattresses?
Just remember dad saying we gotta move had a tantrum
I didn't know at the time why I couldn't stand 'em
At age three they had split custody
Everything I knew was shattering right in front of me
School started, and kids liked making fun of me
Because I cried in class, and kept disrupting
Two homes after the divorce, I adjusted
Surprised I let it go, and how little it bugged me
At my mom's house, I met a neighbor
We were friends, but she caused some misbehavior
Just some kid arguments, but we were the best friends
She was my only friend not to mention
Without her, I would've been so isolated
I had no social skills, so social life was vacant
I took jokes serious, and was emotional
You think I'm bad now? No! I evolved
I hated school! It was so stressful
Worst days, I'm in the guidance office, a mess bro
Eventually my teacher recommended a counselor
Got diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder
Fourth grade was absolute torture
Teacher called me out, couldn't stand an ounce of her
Remember sitting on the couch doing homework
Hours and hours 'cause I could never focus on my own work
Mom helping me, my eyes glued to the television
That became my best friend through my depression
Forced myself to finish then a celebration
Late at night then the next day the cycle was endless
Left the Catholic school called Holy Trinity
Recently shut down now just a church for Christianity
Mom decided to switch 'cause kids bullied me
Because 30k a year for this was fucking insanity[Outro: Mr. Werthington & 100% Beef]
"Hey, hey! Watch your language! You know, it's gonna ruin sales!"
"Okay, Susan Wojcicki. You know what? If I was in her situation, I would be paranoid too, so I understand."

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