Vercetti Estate Shootout: The Aftermath

10 Diamonds, isFearOk


[Bridge: Ken Rosenberg & Tommy Vercetti]
Tommy? Oh my God, Tommy! Wh-what happened?
What does it look like?
It looks like you ruined you suit, and Tommy, that was a beautiful suit! Tommy, what on earth happened?
I had a dissagreement with a business associate, you know how it is
Tommy, I have a dissagreement I send them an angry letter, maybe I pee in their mailbox, I don't start World War III [Outro: Tommy Vercetti & Ken Rosenberg]
You know, Ken? I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful business relationship...
After all, you're a conniving, backstabbing two-bit thief
And I'm a convicted psychotic killer and drug dealer
I know, ain't it just beautiful?

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